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Nutrition Facts and Tips provides practical advice from experts in food science and researchers about the nutrition in foods. Our team of writers are scientists who have the ability to research and review the available information on nutrition and provide authoritative advice. There is a lot of poor quality advice about nutrition and unsubstantiated claims of the health benefits of foods. Our team of scientists and writers always provide peer-reviews references for the source of the information so you can make your own decisions about your food choices.

We welcome articles from researchers and food writers who meet our stringent standards for quality and authority. Simply contact us and we will arrange review your articles prior to publication.

Nutrition Facts and Tips includes information on the proven health benefits of foods and comprehensive nutritional data, generally in charts. It also includes advice about how to use and cook with the food so that the nutritional benefits are no lost during preparation and cooking.

The best recipes for each food topic are included in the articles so that you can achieve the health benefits of the foods in simple and effective ways. These recipes showcase how to use the food in inspiring ways. We hope that the scientific information about the nutrition facts for foods will inspire you to use the foods in your diet.